What's Missing in Your Retirement Plan?

Discover What Truly Makes Your Retirement Journey Fulfilling Beyond Financial Security


Physical Fitness, Mental and Emotional Well-being


Family Dynamics, Social Connections, Communications


Purpose, Learning, Giving Back, Hobbies, Personal Growth


Housing, Finances, Routines, Travel, Time Management

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Retirement Sandbox 

Embrace the Journey with a Community by Your Side

Join our vibrant community with content, resources, courses, and gatherings, designed for retirees and those planning retirement to connect, share, and thrive together. This hub offers a nurturing space for meaningful connections, collaborative opportunities, and personal growth, ensuring no one walks their retirement journey alone. Dive in to explore, learn, and contribute to an environment where every story is heard, every milestone celebrated, and every challenge met with support and inspiration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire retirees to embrace the adventure of retirement with open hearts and curious minds. We believe in the transformative power of community, diversity, and lifelong learning to enrich this life chapter. By nurturing well-being, fostering intergenerational connections, and encouraging meaningful contributions, we aim to empower every individual to rediscover their purpose, share their unique stories, and shape a fulfilling future. Together, we’re redefining retirement as a journey of continuous growth, joy, and belonging.

Real Retirement Show

Real Stories | Real Challenges | Real Insights | Real Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what retirement truly feels like, beyond the financial plans and into the heart of real-life experiences? This podcast show offers a fresh take on retirement, delving into its many facets beyond just financial planning. Through engaging conversations with guest experts and retirees, the podcast aims to inspire and educate listeners on approaching retirement with a full, intentional perspective. It covers vital topics such as health, family dynamics, life transitions, and personal growth, fostering a community for those at any stage of their retirement journey. Join us in redefining retirement as not just an end to a career, but the beginning of an enriching new chapter full of opportunities and discoveries.

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Retirement Roundtables

Connect, Share, Inspire: Your Retirement Conversations Start Here

A series of vibrant discussions designed to connect you with fellow retirees in both virtual and in-person settings. These gatherings are more than just meetings; they’re opportunities to forge meaningful relationships, share the wisdom gained from diverse retirement journeys, and embrace new perspectives that enrich your own path. Whether you’re seeking advice, camaraderie, or just a friendly chat over shared experiences, ‘Retirement Roundtables’ offers a welcoming space for all.

Ask Graice

Your Personal AI Retirement Assistant

Meet Graice, a chat experience designed to be your personal guide through the multifaceted journey of retirement. This innovative assistant is equipped to offer you tailored advice and support in a wide range of areas critical to a fulfilling retirement. Whether you’re seeking insights on maintaining your physical and mental health, navigating the complexities of family dynamics, finding new purpose, smoothly transitioning into retirement life, exploring living arrangements, discovering ways to give back, or building and maintaining social connections, this assistant has you covered. Think of it as your own personal retirement coach, trained specifically to understand and address the unique challenges and opportunities that come with retirement. 

Yasmin Nguyen

Co-Founder | Author | Joy Ambassador

Yasmin Nguyen’s journey from the brink of burnout to becoming a beacon of joy is nothing short of remarkable. After hitting rock bottom, he embarked on an 18-month road trip that transformed his outlook on life, teaching him the invaluable lessons of creating joy in the simplest moments. His profound discoveries became the foundation of his book, “The Game of Joy,” a guide to cultivating happiness amidst life’s storms. Witnessing his parents face the challenges of retirement, Yasmin, alongside his mentor Kathleen, dove deep into understanding the unique struggles of retirees. Through heartfelt conversations with hundreds of retirees, they uncovered a widespread need for guidance and support during this transitional phase of life. Now, Yasmin dedicates his life to spreading joy, particularly among retirees, empowering them to embrace this new chapter with optimism and purpose. His mission is a testament to the belief that joy is the ultimate key to navigating life’s challenges, inspiring us all to seek and share it every day.

Kathleen Mundy

Co-founder | Speaker | Author | Mentor

Kathleen Mundy, a seasoned entrepreneur who transitioned her modest investment into a thriving multi-million dollar business, faced unexpected challenges upon retiring at 70. Despite her meticulous planning, the transition revealed gaps that her vast experience in business and franchising could fill. Teaming up with Yasmin Nguyen, a friend 22 years her junior, Kathleen found a unique synergy that bridged diverse life stages and skill sets. Their collaboration became a powerhouse of support for retirees, blending Kathleen’s business acumen with Yasmin’s insights on joy and fulfillment. Through their joint mission, they aim to guide retirees through the complexities of this life phase, leveraging Kathleen’s expertise in securing financial independence and fostering entrepreneurial success. Her journey from a successful businesswoman to a retiree facing and overcoming new challenges inspires others to approach retirement with resilience and optimism. Kathleen and Yasmin’s partnership underscores the power of combining diverse perspectives to enrich the lives of retirees with purpose and joy.