Our Team

Yasmin Nguyen

Co-Founder | Author | Joy Ambassador

Yasmin Nguyen is a Joy Ambassador, author, speaker, and coach whose mission is to inspire 1+ million people around the world to experience and share joy every day. As an explorer, creator, and storyteller, he teaches community leaders, business owners, caregivers, retirees, parents, and students how to create joy. His book, The Game of Joy: The Secret to Creating Your Own Happiness (Even When Life is Stressful), offers a roadmap to activating joy in any chosen moment. When he was 5, Yasmin’s family came to America on a sinking boat after escaping Communist Vietnam. Growing up, he discovered achievement was his way of fitting in. Though he had a successful career, he was depressed, burnt out, and miserable. On the verge of giving up, he packed up his car and launched into an 18-month, 21,000 mile road trip across America to explore joy. He created the Joyful Living Project to share the joy he discovered. Yasmin believes joy is the antidote to the stress and suffering we face.

Kathleen Mundy

Co-founder | Speaker | Author

Kathleen Mundy, author, entrepreneur Executive business coach, specializing in franchising and officer of Making Your Own Money™, turned a small investment in to a multi-million dollar business in five years. She now provides coaching and teaches others why ‘Making Your Own Money’ makes a difference in your future. Her company is committed to helping Entrepreneurs and assist small businesses reach their full potential and independence in the business/franchise world, secure a better future, and achieve success. Her private coaching and group facilitation can help small businesses and like-minded people gain the professional success they deserve. Franchise Success Academy offers great insight to new franchisees and helps propel the growth of established franchise owners.

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